• Jason Hohman

    Dine in is clean but a little cave like. Food is pretty good. Staff isn't exactly warm, but not unfriendly either. Parking isn't ideal, but manageable for most, but many spaces have you parking slightly up hill which can make it difficult to get in and out of your vehicle for some. Outdoor seating is nice, but facing a main road so a bit noisy.

  • William Church

    Nice overall Pizza place. Food is above average. They have an indoor and outdoor sitting area.

  • John G

    First day open, they were slammed. Hard. Placed an online order and picked up in about 45 minutes, which was impressive if you could have seen how busy they were. They made a minor mistake on my pizza, but fixed it immediately. Absolutely delicious pizza and wings, will recommend and return. So happy to have you guys in Waynesburg!

  • John Nowery

    The staff is so friendly!! Not to mention, their pizza is the bomb! The staff has clearly received lots of orders with their opening, but they have never once lost their cool and calm demeanor. I’m glad to see such a great place flourishing.

  • Delaney Rooney

    Okay so the food is amazing BUT their employee Dave... he was/is a priest.. he IS 100% IN FACT a child molester. When fat angelos first opened my friend and i walked in and we were dead in our tracks.. the food is too amazing to resist but i beg of something to be done, he should not be allowed anywhere near the public.

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